LAZZERO TECNOLOGIE develops and produces industrial solutions for leaktesting processes using mass spectrometer measuring systems (operating with helium or other tracer gases), for application in many sectors of production, including refrigeration, air conditioning, air treatment, the automotive sector, packaging, chemicals, pharmaceutics, electromedicine, aerospace, mechanics and electronics.

THE ORGANIZATION can provide various Services: technical advice and customer care for the development of products, and process engineering, as well as drafting of product specifications and test limits.


DESIGN AND DRAFTING (mechanical, electrical, installations and development of automation and monitoring software), provided by fully trained, qualified, experienced team members. Certain components contribute greatly to achievement of excellent performance, such as speed of execution of vacuum and measurement sensitivity. This is made possible through design work and simulation of the thermodynamic effects of gases.





 ASSEMBLY WORKSHOP: a highly qualified efficient team capable of rapidly producing top-quality solutions capable of meeting demand in terms of quality guarantees, plus flexibility with regard to delivery times. Reliability and excellent performance ratings are ensured by the experience we have gained in the field of specialised service provision, accompanied by strict conformity with safety and environmental regulations.






Specialized services provided on our own premises or on the premises of our customers, for routine and non-routine maintenance tasks, rapid response or planned interventions, plus non-routine overhauls for modernization and upgrading of existing installations.





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