Industrial leaktesting consists in checking for conformity to sealing requisites. Various products are subjected to leaktesting during or following assembly, welding, bonding or, quite simply, deformation. Testing on the production line requires machinery or automatic installations capable of performing leaktests objectively, safely and verifiably, and in such a manner that these tests can be reproduced. Over the last three decades, most production line leaktesting procedures have undergone transformation.
When the leak limit values are extremely low, the water immersion testing systems of bygone days – with the operator looking for bubbles caused by gas leaks (‘bubble tests’, according to the regulatory terminology) – have been replaced by automatic vacuum-technology based testing machines, mass spectrometry and gas leak measurement using helium. These solutions make for improved sensitivity, unequivocally more objective testing, test traceability and reproducibility of values.
As a company, Lazzero Tecnologie S.r.l. has contributed greatly to the development of these applications. The company produces systems, machines and installations for industrial leaktesting.

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