Location: Centro di Formazione della Lazzero Tecnologie Srl, Chieri (TO), Italia
Dates: 22 - 23 February 2018, 12 - 13 April 2018, 14 - 15 June 2018, 20 - 21 September 2018, 15 - 16 November 2018.

The introductory course is intended for those who approach vacuum and its most typical industrial applications, from simply pressure reduction to the depending effects such as degassing and dehydration or analysis of the partial pressures, to finish with the leak detection systems by mean of mass spectrometry.
Particular attention is therefore paid to the leaktest systems with tracing gas .

• Process technologists,
• Product Industrialization managers,
• Operators and managers of Quality Control,
• Conductors of testing machines or devices,
• Maintenance technicians.
The course is aimed at those who approach new technologies, as well as those who already own process or testing equipments, or operate within technological contexts and wants to examine the issue in a practical and thorough way.
The course is given by experts in vacuum, certified in Non-Destructive Testing ( NDT) according to UNI-EN 473-2001

Program of the course

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